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Leading Home and Kitchen brand: A $1.49 Million Success Story

Leading Home and Kitchen brand: A $1.49 Million Success Story

In the vibrant realm of e-commerce, our journey began with a brand born on Kickstarter, seeking a strategic partner to navigate the intricacies of Amazon. The brand, focused on crafting premium products priced at ten times the market median, aimed to captivate a discerning audience. The challenge was clear: optimize operations, allowing the brand owner to channel creativity into product innovation.

Our Approach

Back to Basics: Unveiling the Essentials

Success on Amazon hinges on a trifecta—quality product, persuasive copy, and savvy PPC management. Given our elevated price point, a meticulous GAP analysis paved the way. Identifying key keywords and nurturing healthy conversions became paramount for superior ranking.

Sculpting Relevance: Sponsored Strategies

Sponsored display and brand ads became our voice, narrating the value proposition. With a ROAS goal of 3+, we harmonized rich optimization of product pages with high-volume keywords. Branded search terms initiated the journey, focusing on the funnel's bottom, creating a HALO effect and indexing our product on numerous relevant keywords.

Strategic Expansion: Competitor and Complementary Targeting

Our approach embraced sponsored products and display ads, targeting competitors and complementary niches alike. Defensive ads safeguarded our turf while Amazon attribution campaigns funneled external traffic. Festive storefronts, promotions, and sponsored brand ads opened our funnel wide during key events.

Counteracting Counterfeits: A Proactive Defence

Vigilance during weekly audits revealed unauthorized sellers peddling counterfeits. Cease and desist letters and intellectual property violation cases through Amazon Brand Registry became our tools. The Transparency Program, a shield for the future, was embraced to fortify against such threats.


Our strategic orchestration bore fruit—$1.49 million in revenue on Amazon, a testament to our tailored approach. Beyond the numbers, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. As we continue assisting our client in expanding to new Amazon marketplaces, our journey echoes the harmonious blend of strategy, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

Join us in Crafting Your Success Story

Ready to elevate your brand on Amazon? Whether you're navigating challenges or aiming for unprecedented growth, our seasoned experts are here to tailor strategies to your unique journey.

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