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Deep Diving into Amazon Search Query Performance Reports

Amazon Search Query

In online retail, data is the compass that guides decision-making and strategy formulation. For Amazon sellers, understanding the intricacies of amazon search query performance reports is akin to unlocking a plethora of insights, pivotal for optimizing listings, enhancing advertising strategies, and, ultimately, driving sales. This article explores the Amazon Search Query Performance Report and sheds light on its significance for sellers navigating Amazon's competitive marketplace.

The Genesis of the Search Query Performance Report

Amazon's introduction of the Amazon Search Query Performance Report within Brand Analytics marked a significant milestone for sellers on the platform. Amazon provided first-party data directly to sellers for the first time, offering a granular view of customer search, click, and purchase behaviors. This report is a powerful tool for sellers, empowering them with insights into the search funnel—from initial impressions to clicks, basket adds, and purchases.

Unveiling the Amazon Search Query Performance Report

Accessing the report requires navigating to the ‘Brand Analytics’ section of Seller Central and selecting ‘Search Query Performance.’ The report demands the selection of a specific marketplace. It allows for applying filters such as brand view, ASIN view, and reporting period, catering to the need for precise and actionable data analysis.

Key Metrics and Insights

Amazon Search Query Performance Reports

The Search Query Performance Report provides sellers with a detailed breakdown of:

Impressions: The total count of ASINs viewed in search results and the share attributed to the seller's brand.

Clicks: The total count of ASINs clicked on from search results, click-through rates (CTR), and brand-specific clicks.

Basket Adds: Metrics on the number of ASINs added to shopping carts, and the conversion rate from views to basket adds.

Purchases: The total count of ASINs purchased after appearing in search results, providing insight into final conversion rates.

These metrics illuminate the customer journey from discovery to purchase, offering sellers a roadmap to refine their listings and advertising campaigns for maximum impact.

Leveraging the Report for Strategic Advantage

The Amazon Search Query Performance Report transcends mere data presentation, offering a strategic blueprint for sellers keen on maximizing their Amazon presence:

Analysis and Listing Optimization

Analyzing the Search Query Performance Report data enables sellers to identify key keywords and search terms that drive visibility and conversions. By incorporating these insights into product listings, sellers can improve their SEO and organic ranking on Amazon, potentially boosting sales.

Advertising and Trend Analysis

The report is an invaluable asset for tailoring advertising campaigns. By identifying keywords with high conversion but low CTRs, sellers can adjust their bids and strategies to capitalize on untapped potential. Additionally, trend analysis using the report's data can inform seasonal advertising strategies and inventory planning.

Brand Defense and Efficiency

The debate around the efficacy of brand defense on Amazon can be informed by the insights gleaned from the Search Query Performance Report. Sellers can experiment with reallocating their advertising spend from branded keywords to more competitive category targets, monitoring the impact on brand share and overall performance to fine-tune their advertising strategies.

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Search Query Performance Report

Understanding the strengths and limitations of the Search Query Performance Report is crucial for sellers looking to maximize its benefits. This section outlines the primary advantages and disadvantages to consider.


The Amazon Search Query Performance Report is a pivotal tool for Amazon sellers, offering crucial insights that can significantly enhance marketplace strategies:

Comprehensive Metrics: The report offers insights into impressions, clicks, add-to-carts, and purchases. This provides a full picture of how customers interact with your listings, allowing for informed decision-making.

Granular Analysis: Sellers can conduct targeted analysis with data available at both the brand and ASIN levels. This facilitates strategic planning tailored to the performance of individual products or entire brand portfolios.


However, while the report is invaluable, it does come with certain limitations that sellers should be aware of to leverage its potential fully:

Limited Scope: The report focuses exclusively on search queries about your products/brand, which might miss broader market insights. This limitation can hinder the identification of new opportunities or the understanding of overall market trends.

Exclusion of Non-Appearing Search Terms: The report does not include relevant search terms that do not display your product in the results. This restricts the visibility into potential areas for market expansion or customer interest that could be tapped into with adjusted strategies.

The Power of First-Party Data

The advent of the Search Query Performance Report represents a paradigm shift in how Amazon sellers approach the marketplace. With access to first-party data, sellers are now equipped to make informed decisions that can significantly enhance their visibility, engagement, and sales on Amazon. By meticulously analyzing search query data and applying these insights across listings and advertising campaigns, sellers can confidently and precisely navigate the complexities of Amazon's competitive landscape. 

With the ability to now export the report, sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to dive deep into keyword analysis, refining their strategies to prioritize high-potential targets in their Sponsored Ads campaigns. This enhances brand visibility and optimizes advertising expenditure, ensuring resources are directed toward queries with the highest return on investment.

Expand Your Horizons with OppDoor: Amazon Global Expansion and Premium PPC

In maximizing the benefits of the Search Query Performance Report, the pathway to broader success on Amazon involves understanding your current market, expanding your reach globally and optimizing your advertising strategies. This is where OppDoor comes into play.

At OppDoor, we specialize in helping Amazon brands interpret complex data and use these insights for significant growth. With our expertise in Amazon Global Expansion, we offer an end-to-end solution for launching your brand into foreign marketplaces. This strategic move can exponentially increase your revenue, diversify your risk, and enhance your brand's global value.

From understanding local market dynamics and customer behaviors to navigating cross-border taxation and compliance, we manage it all. Our comprehensive approach ensures your brand enjoys a seamless expansion with services like:

  • Total Region Management

  • Localized Listings and Optimization

  • Cross Border Taxation & Compliance

  • Launch Roadmap & Pricing Strategy

Moreover, our Amazon Advertising services are designed to unlock the full potential of Amazon's advertising capabilities for your brand. Our team of experts propels your brand forward by optimizing advertising ROI through a mix of paid search, display ads, and brand ads. With access to industry-leading tools, we uncover hidden insights, giving you a competitive edge in the dynamic Amazon ecosystem through:

  • Sponsored Products

  • Sponsored Display

  • Sponsored Brands

  • Sponsored Videos

Whether tapping into new markets with our Global Expansion strategies or maximizing your visibility and conversions through advanced advertising techniques, OppDoor elevates your Amazon journey. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your Amazon strategy and open doors to unprecedented success.

Glossary: Demystifying the Metrics

To fully harness the potential of the Amazon Search Query Performance Report, understanding the key metrics and terms is essential:

Search Query: The terms entered by customers in Amazon's search bar.

Search Funnel: The customer journey from viewing (impressions) to clicking, adding to the basket, and purchasing.

Brand Share: The percentage of impressions, clicks, basket adds, or purchases attributed to a seller's brand.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): The ratio of clicks to the total number of search queries, indicating relevance.

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