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Breaking Barriers: Amazon and Beyond - A Multichannel Triumph

Breaking Barriers: Amazon and Beyond - A Multichannel Triumph

In the dynamic world of Amazon-centric businesses, the specter of inadvertent policy breaches leading to listing suppressions is a constant threat. Recognizing the potential fallout of such incidents, one of our clients sought a strategic partner capable of safeguarding their Amazon operations while actively exploring new sales channels. The goal: fortify their market presence and revenue streams against unforeseen disruptions.

Our Approach: Crafting a Multichannel Symphony

Channel Safeguarding Strategy

Understanding that Amazon was the cornerstone of our client's revenue, our approach wasn't to distance ourselves but to add strategic layers. We set our sights on Walmart, a natural choice for its marketplace prominence. The key was to create a secondary sales channel, a safety net for the Amazon-centric business model.

Data-Driven Product Expansion to Walmart

Conducting a meticulous analysis, we delved into the search volume potential for each Amazon-listed product on Walmart. While long-tail keywords were fewer compared to Amazon, we identified broader keywords applicable to specific products. Acting on this insight, we strategically introduced select products on Walmart, resulting in a remarkable 10% incremental revenue boost for those particular items.

Google-Driven Visibility Enhancement

Our strategy didn't end with Walmart. Leveraging the power of Google, we initiated attribution campaigns, directing traffic from the search giant to Amazon. This not only enhanced product visibility but also translated into improved sales outcomes.

Shopify Storefront Innovation

For products gaining traction through these campaigns, we took an innovative step: collaborating with our clients to establish a Shopify storefront. This move aimed to redirect traffic from Google and various social media platforms to a dedicated Shopify website.

Outcome: A Multichannel Triumph

The outcomes were nothing short of transformative. While orchestrating a commendable 20% year-on-year growth on Amazon, we successfully birthed an alternate revenue stream outside the Amazon ecosystem. Presently, Walmart contributes a substantial 12% to the overall business revenue.

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