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Case Studies

Multichannel Triumph

Breaking Barriers: Amazon and Beyond - A Multichannel Triumph

Witness how our strategies, from integrating Walmart to leveraging Google and establishing a Shopify storefront, led to a remarkable 20% year-on-year growth.

Multi Region Expansion

Leading Home and Kitchen brand: A $1.49 Million Success Story

Explore how we transformed a Kickstarter-born brand into a thriving Amazon success, generating $1.49 million in revenue.

Ops Transformation

Navigating Our Amazon Jungle: The $50K to $6.3M Transformation

Explore the tactics that led to a 25% net contribution margin and join us as we set our sights on scaling to $11 million in GMV in the next few months.

4X Valuation Success

Turning Dreams into Dollars: A Case Study of 4X Valuation Success

Discover the saga of a business's transformation, featuring meticulous product classification and optimization, led to a remarkable 4X valuation at exit.

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